Combine Talent Management and HRIS Reporting Functionality

The Skilled Trades Labor Management Platform

-Workers get found by companies and recruiters.

-Companies find, recruit, assess, onboard, and manage skilled trades labor digitally.

-Unlock efficiency with digital time cards, asset and task tracking, certification management, training, reporting, and data visualization.

-Easily invite subcontractors and vendors for complete project performance visibility.

-TradesFactor seamlessly integrates with (or replaces) existing systems.

-Sign-up for an extended and supported free trial now. See the value for yourself.

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Vocational Schools and Education

Provide direct placement of apprenticeships to employers. Connected Realtime Analytics of your students and how they evolve in the industry, who they work for, how they progress, what trainings they have received and much more. Reach Employers directly with vocational training programs

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Construction Skilled Workers

No More endless resumes writing and submissions to job boards, just apply to the job you are skilled for and let TradesFactor do the work or just let TradesFactor employers community find you based on your TradesFactor score and provide you work!
Follow all of your apprenticeship hours, track you daily project hours and submit them directly to your foreman for review!

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Claim your Student Digital Passport early and embark on a successful vocational training experience, apply to apprenticeships or internship programs straight from your digital passport! Forget about writing resumes and applying to jobs by email or on job boards! Talk and apply direct!

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Construction Employers

Are you tired of endless construction skilled labor paperwork, from resumes to onboarding and managing an employee documentation and vetting! Why not just let TradesFactor let do the heavy lifting! Are you having trouble finding the qualified labor force you are looking for! Try our pre-qualified TradesFactor rated candidate pool and get access to their whole digital passport to the industry!

TradesFactor Connected Labor Force Platform

We connect and provide the ultimate tool from recruiting to hiring and managing the construction workforce

Data in the palm of your hand.

Students & Skilled Workers Digital Passports

Full Worker Profile
Certifications & trainings Recommendations
Skill Assessments
Apprenticeship hours tracking
Project Time Tracking and Project Assignments
Job Site Time Cards Labor & Equipment
Tools of the Trades Market Place
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Direct Placement of candidates to available internships or apprenticeships programs from school to employer direct

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ATS, Onboarding & Offboarding, Core HR Functionality

Job Postings Management
Leave Benefits Management
Pre-Qualified and Skilled Assessed Workers Recruiting Pool
SMS, InMail Trades Workers Communication
Projects Resource Planning and Assignments
Project Crew Management and Assignments of Labor & Equipment
Foreman, Superintendent & Project Manager Time Cards validation and approval
Onboarding & Offboarding Tools
Digital PDF Fillable Forms Management
Payroll Integrations or ERP Integrations

Connected Analytics

We provide all the analytics you might need as a company throughout the lifecycle of a construction project, from recruitment to payment! Our platform provides the ability of any project to report on multiple entities in a project through our network organization components, which provides us the ability to simplifies diversity reporting for example!

It’s easy to get started

The only platform providing you a true connected construction labor work force platform

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