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Trade Workers

Why should I register with TradesFactor?
Workers shouldn't have to look for jobs and keep filling out applications with different companies. With TradesFactor, when you complete your profile, companies apply to you. You are in the driver's seat. Line up each job/project so you can transition from one job right into the next one without any time on the bench. No more scrambling to find that next job. No more unemployment.
How much can I make or what does TradesFactor pay?
TradesFactor is not a staffing agency or an employer of skilled workers. is software that was built to support skilled workers in getting found for work and companies looking for skilled workers. What you can make goes up when you have choices. With companies competing for your skills, you can ensure that you are getting paid what you are worth. But you have to have a complete profile on before these offers can come in.
Why should I get "Recommendations" on
The short answer is that you can paid more money with more recommendations. The Recommendation provides companies and future co-workers confidence in your experience and skills. You know that you are a great worker. People you have worked with in the past know that too. The TradesFactor Recommendation just captures that for others to see. With more recommendations, companies who have not worked with you in the past are more willing to offer you more money because there is confidence in the results that you can bring.
Why should I spend the time to complete my profile?
The information you provide in your profile ensures better matches with companies looking for your skills. If you don't provide your experience, desired work locations, desired pay, etc., then you will get job offers that you don't want. Spending time up front completing your profile ensures you get the most out of TradesFactor.

Employers / Organizations

Why should my company use TradesFactor?
Find the Talent and Skills You Need When you Need It

TradesFactor was built specifically for skilled workers and the organizations that employ them. Minimize the noise you get from unqualified applicants. Know that the worker you find in TradesFactor has been vetted by previous co-workers, supervisors, and companies. Because TradesFactor was built for skilled workers, you can easily filter for the trades, skills, and experience you are looking for. No more sorting through awful resumes to understand whether a worker has what you need.

Qualify Applicants

When you get applicants from Indeed and other generic sources, you don't know whether that applicant is worth your time to assess. So, you end up spending time filtering out all the unqualified applicants manually. With TradesFactor, you can be confident that an applicant has specifically identified their trade, their skills, their RELEVANT experience, and has the recommendations to support their claims of having specific skills. You can direct your applicants to get two recommendations at so you can weed out unqualified applicants.

Minimize Disruption from Worker Turnover

Many times, skilled workers will leave a project or job right before their scheduled end of assignment date because they do not want to experience a break in income. So, they look for and take the next job before they are done with yours. This is highly disruptive. With TradesFactor, skilled workers have visibility to their next job and can manage transition dates for themselves, their current employer, and their next employer. This minimizes disruption for all parties.

Manage Worker Assignments

Like workers managing their current and future employment, companies can gain better visibility to worker project/job transitions. If you are managing assignments in a spreadsheet, with all of the risk for data entry errors, TradesFactor is the better solution.

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