Skilled Trade Schools?
Partner up with TradesFactor, stay connected to your students and follow their evolution, be proud of them!

TradesFactor is a SaaS product and talent management solution designed specifically for the skilled trades workers, the companies that employ them and the organizations that train them.

Your Digital Passport to the Construction Industry

TradesFactor connects Students, Trade Workers, Employers and Schools together to deliver an Integrated approach to hiring the best of the best for where it matters on the field!

Track and See your Students evolution in the skilled trades

TradesFactor will help you see your students evolution in the trades and their experience gained. Have visibility in the training they get from their Employers and adapt your training programs to always stay on top of their education needs.

Mobile phone.
Provide Continuous Education

Provide skilled trades through our portal  up to date learning videos and programs, directly to them from your school education material.

Digital settings.

Provide standardized reporting to government entities, school boards, program administrators on students in the workforce.



As a school for trade workers you want to track your students and how successful they are in the market, you want to know if they succeeded. You want to make sure your provide them additional support, all of this is possible with our SaaS platform try it.

Track, Educate and Report on your students pool

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