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TradesFactor is a SaaS product and talent management solution designed specifically for skilled trades workers, the companies that employ them and the organizations that train them.

The Digital Passport for Skilled Trades Workers

TradesFactor connects skilled trades workers, employers, students, and schools to deliver an integrated approach to hiring.

Your Trades Digital Passport

Your digital passport for various industries like construction is here, starting either as a student or directly in the field.

TradesFactor keeps track of your experience and certifications throughout your career no matter which company is your employer. You gain experience by working on different projects and maintaining your profile, all of which will provide you the greatest visibility to potential employers. Your digital passport ensures you stand out from the crowd to have your next, best job find you.

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Find Or Be Found

With TradesFactor, organizations are the ones doing the search, so all you have to do is maintain your TradesFactor Digital Passport. Your next job finds you for a change!

Of course you can always search for available jobs as well as apply online directly with the company, where there is no need for a résumé since your digitial passport IS your résumé.

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You can manage your digital passport from the field on any smartphone or in the office on a laptop. Your device will receive real-time alerts with job notifications when a company has requested to make you an offer.

Did you earn a new license or certification? Simply take a picture and add it to your profile on the go to keep your records updated.


Trades Workers

For workers in the Trades, isn't it time to be paid what you're worth? Simply start by easily getting at least two recommendations through TradesFactor from past employers, and watch your TradesFactor Score begin to grow. As you collect demonstrated experience, potential employers will see your trade expertise and compete for your services. Of course it's free for Workers, so click below to get started!

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