What Is TradesFactor?

TradesFactor is the tool built to serve trades workers and the industries they power.

We know that using the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

As a team of veterans from the military, construction and manufacturing industries, we have lived first hand through the challenges of finding the right talent to get the job done on time and on budget.

Our industry has relied for far too long on companies posting jobs where the burden was on the worker to figure out if they were qualified or if they would be a good fit.
We thought it was time for trades workers to get recruited, just like the top talent in every other industry.

Gone are the days of hoping your buddy knows someone to get your foot in the door, or sending in countless online applications only to hear nothing back.

Jobs in the trades are constantly moving, so why doesn't your data? Each new job is met with another stack of paperwork to fill out, often times putting in the same information over and over again.

TradesFactor was designed to be as mobile as you and your career, saving you time and helping you make the money you are worth.

Join us today and use your TradesFactor digital passport to unlock a world of opportunity.

Leadership Team

Michael Zanetti
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Boris Germanov
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Brady Bagwan
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer


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