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TradesFactor is a SaaS product and talent management solution designed specifically for the skilled trades workers, the companies that employ them and the organizations that train them.

Your Digital Passport to the Construction Industry

TradesFactor connects Students, Trade Workers, Employers and Schools together to deliver an Integrated approach to hiring the best of the best for where it matters on the field!

Build Your Digital Passport Profile

Provide the necessary information about your school, your experience, when do you finish school, what programs you have followed and so forth, it will help you build the beginning of your career in the trades.

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Build Your Experience

It's important to enter your experience TradesFactor, even if you believe it might not be relevant. The more information employers have the better visibility you would have in the platform.

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Get Hired

The more complete your profile is the better chances of you being found would be. Don't forget that you might have the experience but some employers all willing and will train you. So let us help you get there.



Your Digital Passport to the Construction Industry is here and it starts right at school, by filling your profile, school programs, experiences and information about when your school finishes or when you are ready to have internships, you get exposure to all of those companies out there looking to fill positions with students just like you.

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