Recruiters Harass Skilled Trades Workers

How Many Calls and Emails Do You Get from Recruiters?

In a recent social media group of skilled trades workers, I asked how many times everyone honestly gets contacted by a recruiter. I expected maybe once a week on the high end; twice a month on the low end. One person commented: "why would you do this to yourself?" I didn't realize what he meant for a few minutes. Then all the comments started rolling in. This was the most popular social media post that I have ever had.

Two to three times a week was the average response. TWO to THREE TIMES EVERY WEEK. The biggest heartburn mentioned was that the job opportunities presented simply didn't match their personal preferences. Location was the most common complaint. Wage was second. Third was that the level of the role didn't match their experience.

Is There a Better Way?

It's 2020 and we live in a world where skilled workers get cold called or solicited without any context for their personal preferences. On the opposite end, when an open shop skilled worker has to find work, they sometimes troll social media groups and use them as bulletin boards. There has to be a better way for both recruiters and skilled workers.

TradesFactor was created to solve this and many other "technology gap" problems that skilled workers face. With TradesFactor, a skilled worker has specific fields in their profile to filter out time wasters like recruiter cold calls. Wage requirements, locations, commuting distance, skills, certifications, and many others that other software companies don't really think about. That's because most other software companies weren't built specifically for skilled trades workers and the organizations that work with them.

So, if you are a skilled worker and want to eventually reduce the number of times you want to slam the phone down like Homer Simpson, get your profile up on TradesFactor. Let recruiters find you there. The calls and messages you receive will be specific to your preferences. Everyone saves time. Everyone wins.